Contract Manufacturing(R&D)

We search to develop the special for the special.

We search to develop the special for the special

The contract manufacturing team provides a wide range of technology and product development, scale-up, as well as custom manufacturing support to clients in the pharmaceutical and it’s intermediates, oilfield chemcials, water treatment formulations, textiles and speciality application. Our strengths in engineering technology, R&D, and project management allow us to provide a customised service that is unparalleled in quality and value. We have successfully served clients having special needs concerning intellectual property, confidentiality and the environment. We can assist you at every step in bringing a new product to market. By performing R&D services to commercially producing and marketing the product for you, we offer an end-to-end solution that is cost effective, efficient and rewarding.

We have known site who is offering bromination, chlorination, hydrogenation, esterifications filteration and any other process required by the customer.

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